the sun goes down & the streetlights come on
but the streets are empty, all the people are gone
that's all it takes to know that something is wrong
& then you hear them dragging their corpses along

the zombies come out & they're calling my name
they want me to join them, wanna eat my brains
but I'm not gonna listen to a word they've said
til my dying breath I'm gonna fight the dead

now all the people are running scared
but I stand my ground because I am prepared
a can of Pepsi, gasoline & a light
shotgun in one hand, baseball bat in the right


so if I go down, I will put up a fight
no matter what they will remember this night
& later on if you're under attack
just kill me if you see me, I don't wanna come back

(chorus 2x)

I wrote this song in about 15 minutes for the Unnecessary Friction Halloween compilation. It's the most superficial thing I ever wrote.
Now whenever I play a show, people ignore the songs I slaved over for days and beg to hear this instead.
I'm trying really hard not to be bitter...