darling I've no doubt
that you are still worth fighting for
in these quiet little spaces
in the calm before the war
& I know you never had the chance
to come this way before
but our time is running out
& I can't take it anymore

cause you can praise me for my beauty
you can say my strength will last
we can talk about your family
we can talk about your past
but you've stepped up to the edge now
where the space between is vast
yeah, that first step is a killer
so you'd better take it fast

you say you love me, baby
but you won't put down your shield
the weapons that you wield
drop your armor & just yield
you say you love me, baby
won't you show me what you mean
show me what you mean
show me what you mean

so don't you act like what I'm asking
is so sudden & extreme
when I can read what's on your lips
& I can guess who's in your dreams
& my prudence & my patience
keep on fraying at the seams
wonder what it's gonna take
for you to finally make me scream


& you want it to be magic
& you want it to be right
you don't wanna take your clothes off
you don't wanna spend the night
& you want it to be special
& you wanna take it slow
but this waiting isn't taking me
to where I want to go
waiting for the perfect setting
waiting for the perfect place
I just wanna touch your body
I just wanna kiss your face
& the waiting has me wavering
while you make up your mind
waiting for the perfect moment
this would be the perfect time

(chorus 4x, overlaid with bridge 1x)

You know, I'm just not even going to talk about what this one is about on account of how I'm still a little embarrased by it..