Apocalypse Blues III: what the river left behind

strange stars in a stranger sky
the air so cold & thin
our book of days spread out like night
you should have kissed me then
or built your cabin in the woods
there where the stream flows clear as glass
but other currents ran too deep
& I was still too weak to ask

but it will never come to pass
that there is nothing in our way
so just for now we must pretend
we don't know that I can't stay
I'll linger here as twilight falls
near what the river left behind
but darker days are coming
better read the end this time

this river flows through my dreams
I've felt its spray & light
seen everyone I've ever loved
there on the other side
they shouted, wept, & called my name
threw out their arms to welcome me
but all of them will have to wait
for there was one I didn't see


black ink in a weathered tome
the pages growing thin
so many words, so little worth
I should have kissed you then
but I was busy making plans
& bringing push around to shove
& at some point I just forgot
to open up my heart & love


darker days are coming
better read the end this time

Part three in a three-song cycle about the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
This song is about Bill and Laura, from Laura's perspective.
My goal in writing it was to finally write something more depressing than "Valley" -
let me know if I have succeeded