my task was simpler in the past
no matter though the world was vast
discovery was easily in reach
when any fool conquistador
could set sail for an unmarked shore
& plant his flag on someone else's beach
all the maps are set in stone now
& it's easy to pretend
we can never go adventuring again
far be it from me
to say no wonders are left to see
cause I finally found the last frontier
hiding silent inside of me

so watch me I'm climbing
higher & higher
to reach that horizon
gotta pass through the fire
soaring & circling
far from my home
a satellite sailing
through the unknown

I'm standing at the launching site
the countdown starts, soon I'll ignite
& fly away with rocket-powered speed
let separation be the test
re-entry takes care of the rest
& burns away whatever I don't need
if I make it into orbit
I will see things differently
hardly anything between the stars & me
I know the danger
my fear reminds me what can go wrong
but a new excuse, try as it might
isn't going to make me strong


& I know that I can't turn back anymore
farther from anything than I've ever been before
the point of no return has passed but the only thing I can see
is a growing sense of wonder at the traveler I will be

(chorus 2x)

Sputnik as a metaphor for a leap into the unknown. Sort of.