The Poetry Of Distance

I don't know how it all got this far
but I know it's just the beginning
tangled up in a dream with our hands to the screen
reaching out when our hearts started spinning
& I've heard all this stuff 'bout the road being rough
but this time I'm not hesitating
cause it's worth all the pain & the fight
for the hope that you are recreating

we're trying now to bear each other's stories
we're trying now to be the one who listens
we're making up new lyrics for the calendar to sing
& authoring the poetry of distance
you're giving me your history to squander
I'm giving you my innocence to steal
but something in the way you sign your letters
tells me this time, this time it's for real

how can I sing the salt of your words
when I'm choked by the echoes that follow?
when I talk to my friends all the things I intend
to say come out twisted & hollow
though they want me to find kindred souls, kindred minds
you weren't what they were expecting
but they'll see soon enough when we meet
with everything you're resurrecting


seems so wrong after all's said & done
for us to go home empty handed
so we write & we call on the promise of fall
when I'll be waiting when you've landed
& I long for the chance of a perfect romance
from the other side of the nation
cause each day brings us closer apart
to the moment of your revelation

someday I'll fly to you like a blizzard
dancing through the skeletons of the trees
we could write our names in the water there
& hope for the lake to freeze
it's comforting to know I'm not alone in walking wounded
at the true selves costume ball
so may I have this dance to find out how we move together
& if these barriers matter at all


Written: Summer 2001, age 19.
This is for Eric, but you probably already guessed that.