The Golden Age

somewhere the sun still has to be shining
over the mountain, around the bend
this darkness can't last through my whole lifetime
now it's the right time to find where it ends
so I am setting out from the city
I'll walk away until I am free
to that old place that I always knew of
to where my true love is waiting for me

I had a love before skies were gloomy
gentle & sweet, surpassingly fair
but fire fell fast down from the heavens
to sever me from the one I left there
now I am far away from my homeland
left with my sadness, riddles, & clues
so I return to fill what is hollow
& you can follow me too if you choose

put on your walking shoes, this time we're going home
put on your walking shoes, take back the great unknown
put on your walking shoes & step away from fear
& you will find a calling & a path that's new & clear

for there's a warm sun behind that mountain
there's a tree growing underneath that snow
bright future's waiting, anticipating
so I am bound for the one I still adore
for the same river I once had drowned in
now carries me on to where I need to go
in this endeavour I'll strive forever
til I am back to the golden age once more

put on your armor, girls, for now it's up to you
put on your armor, girls, you know what you must do
put on your armor, girls, & march beyond that hill
because if you won't save yourself there's nobody who will

so if I am lost upon the long journey
if i should die before she is saved
weep not for me but for my betrayer
& lay a single white rose on my grave
for as I rest in peace I'll remember
that I was not alone in my pain
& all around a new light is growing
so I rest knowing it wasn't in vain

(chorus 3x)

This was an entry to the circlesongs community on Livejournal for a song challenge:
Write a song that would appear on the Billboard Top 40 in the year 2055.
Disdaining the theme I followed my only idea far and wide, but surprisingly I actually like what resulted.