The Chosen One

how things got to be this way
is anybody's guess
& it scares me that you don't know
how much power you possess
cause there's dust in both my eyes now
& blood in your coffee cup
yes the world may end in fire
but do you have to speed it up?

you say you'll be proven perfect
when it comes to judgment day
& I'll be too busy burning
to be getting in your way
now you know I don't believe
but on the off chance that you're right
let them say I lived these last days
as a creature of the light

cause you're screaming through the airwaves
& you're coming through in spite
saying I'm a fool to doubt you
saying what is wrong is right
but I know I'll meet you one day
underneath a newborn sun
for I've always been your equal
& we are both the chosen one

so don't tell me what is written
what's to be has not yet been
had my fill of revelation
what's to come is not yet seen

I will find you someday soon
further on down the line
down where reason buys out wonder
& I have conquered in this sign
used to be I feared my calling
but I've learned a thing or two
from these freaks who are my family
so I'm coming back for you

(chorus 2x)

there's still screaming on the airwaves
telling what is meant to be
take your prayers & take your candles
what comes next is up to me
but I know we'll meet you one day
underneath a newborn sun
we have always had this power
for we are all the chosen one

I tried to write a song about the TV show "Carnivale".
I did not succeed.