Swallowing Me

I'm feeling kind of callous
I'm feeling kind of cruel
I always seem to say the wrong things
whenever I'm talking to you
now you're fishing for my pity
& you're showing off your scars
I wanna know why tie yourself to something you hate
when the whole universe is ours

so forgive me if I no longer can find the time
for you to wallow in me
cause I am not your medicine
but you are swallowing me
you don't wanna believe there could be a way
that you could ever again be alright
so excuse me if my eyes no longer follow you
I'm looking for the light

you're telling the same stories
to fill the empty space
speak of your love affair with thin air
gravity holds you in its embrace
now I'm smiling & I'm nodding
I'm not saying how I feel
you wanna know what do you do now on your own but
I don't dare say "you learn to heal"


you show me all the ways that you can hurt yourself
though I'm really not that curious
drive an hour to the party with that gash in your arm
just to prove that you are serious
you beg for me to bend to you in benediction
as you're lying so peaceful in your barbed wire bed
but girl, I've got problems of my own to tuck in
it's time I worried about myself instead

we're sitting on your rooftop
the middle of the night
my fingers grasping a nebula
for you I'd pull it from its flight
now we're rising toward the ceiling
but all you see is the fall
so if in all this beauty you can't find a reason
maybe that's better after all


When a friend becomes depressed it can be difficult to know how to help them out of it.
However, it becomes even more difficult when dealing with them begins to sap energy from you...
or when you start to wonder whether they really want to get better and lose all the attention that they're getting.
Yeah, it is "kind of callous" but it had to be said...