The Stone Game

take the stone within your hand, consider your next move
your mind’s eye holds each possibility
placed where it can do the most--familiar, so it seems,
as the twist of fate that brought you here to me
together we have moved the world so far outside its groove
no one would dare deny we both have earned our rest
but I cannot pretend that in your plans or in my dreams
you’d make the choice of loving me the best

but I have had my chance to dance you to this new age
be reminded how that binds me to your soul
the part of me that’s frozen still regrets I am not chosen
but I’ve seen her through your eyes, I know she makes you whole
so many things are changing & so many things have changed
& my everything for yours seems to me a fair exchange
to know & be known fully: the only way I know to care
so if you ask how I would love you, I don’t put a limit there

place your heart within the stone when you can’t bear the pain
just leave it there & calmly walk away
deep beneath the leaves & moss, just waiting for my kiss
to awaken, so it sleeps there since you strayed
but there is still a love that twines both in & out your days
it will return to you just when you think it lost
I give it to you freely knowing I will forfeit this
let no one say you only paid the cost


& you said
“if life is what we make it
if love is what we do
you wore the mask, you faked it
was it all a game to you?
if love is what we’re making
if life is all but through
I’ll find my chance & take it
if it’s all the same to you”
if life is what we make it
if love is what we do
then all that is at stake came from
the name I gave to you
if love is what we’re making
if life is all but through
I’ll go or be mistaken by
the change that came from you

with my hand upon your heart, consider your next move
I’m cradled in the warmth of where you lay
taking back the silver thread that once had tied us tight
for the first time, what comes next I couldn’t say
the course of what I feel for you will never run so smooth
as when you held me underneath a million stars
between the past and future, wholly present in that night
take comfort that these moments have been ours


Part 3: Why the Fool said goodbye.