Apocalypse Blues I: steady as she goes

hiding from the side of myself that shaped my destiny
caged by the rage that made up the rest of me
trying not to lie to myself or love my enemy
& bow to the vow that's got the best of me
I'm crawling to the summit though there's nothing left to win
& the end's what got me started but I don't know where to begin

cause I can't rest until you're circling my star
shining out beyond there farther
than anybody knows
blood for blood is what I'm betting
so I'm gonna keep on heading
steady as she goes

hurting in the lurch where I'm left between the both of you
trust in the lust that's all that I know of you
I'm going much too slow to be safe or reach what's really true
it's bound to be found if you would let me through
I know just what I saw & it is not what you have heard
& it's still too much to ask for you to take me at my word


believe me when I say I've been there
I've traced that constellation
& reached escape velocity
back to my destination
I don't know what they told you
but you should have known I would be back again
cause when you least expect you'll always find me
in the eye of the hurricane

hating it's too late for us now unless you give me this
crushed by the hush & blindsided by your kiss
all things
falling as he stalls at the chance to save this dying race
the weight of our fate, the beauty of the chase
there's nothing but the rain outside & nowhere left to go
won't you leave a light on for me, I'll be home before you know


steady as she goes

Part one in a three-song cycle about the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
This song is about my favorite character, Starbuck,
on board the Demetrius in season 4.