I am the daughter of sunlight & sorrow
find center stage & I'm taking my bow
nothing to owe but the time that I borrow
I live for myself in the dizzying now

you are the one that I find myself needing
battered & broken but still standing fast
peaceful man born with a warrior's breeding
you live for others, consumed by the past

people will slander the crash we're creating
that's why I never cared too much for them
so I still stand here impatiently waiting
for you to show me just how safe I am

I who have wounded so many before you
find within me a desire to protect
can't explain why but I do it all for you
I just can't tell you what you should expect

but don't expect me to kneel down at your feet
& don't expect me to scrape & to bow
but if distraction's exactly what you need
I will provide you a refuge for now

(chorus 2x)