RPM 2007: Door

In February 2007, I decided to participate in the RPM Challenge, in which I undertook to write and record an album in one month. True to my geek roots, I decided that my project would be a concept album based upon the science fiction TV series "Farscape". The project, entitled Door, retells the major events of the show's second season from the perspectives of a variety of characters. I completed it with two days to spare. Check it out!

Want it all? Download this zipped folder with all the songs, lyrics, and cover art.

  1. Prologue - lyrics
    John spends a lot of time waiting.

  2. Be More - lyrics
    (voice, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tambourine)
    A love song for the future of a planet.

  3. The Hand of Friendship - lyrics
    (voice, bass, acoustic guitar, frame drum, tambourine)
    Crais has a plan. Mostly.

  4. Safe - lyrics
    (voice, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, frame drum, tambourine)
    Everyone is just looking for a little security. Some more than others.

  5. Princess - lyrics
    (voice, acoustic guitar, mandolin)
    A eulogy for a bad situation that was never meant to be in the first place.

  6. Core - lyrics
    (voice, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass)
    They were always the only ones who really understood each other.

  7. Harvey - lyrics
    (voice, keyboard, bass)
    "You'll never see it coming, John."

  8. The Plan - instrumental
    (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard)
    Things go from bad to worse.

  9. Ice - lyrics
    (voice, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dumbek)
    And sometimes, they get even worse after that.

  10. Epilogue - lyrics
    (voice, acoustic guitar)
    The end is the beginning is the end.