Join the Resistance Choir!
Saturday, May 9, 2009
Sacred Paths Center
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Resistance Choir? What's that?
The final song on my band's upcoming album Apocalypse Blues is called "The Golden Age." It's a cheerful, bluegrassy folk sing-along song from a dystopian future where aliens have invaded and cruelly oppressed humankind, leaving the humans to organize their resistance to the alien overlords through coded messages passed in music, such as "The Golden Age." (This is geek-folk in case you haven't noticed.) My incomparable producer, Dave Stagner, has decreed that the final choruses of this little number should be sung by a mob of as many singers as we can find to portray the human revolutionaries - hence the Resistance Choir. We need YOUR help to put our dream on record.

Do I need to be a good singer to do this?
No way! We welcome singers of all ages, genders, styles, and skill and comfort levels. Whether you're a seasoned professional or you can't carry a tune in a bucket, we want you here and singing along.

If I don't need talent, what do I need to join the Resistance Choir?
Only two things: The ability to arrive promptly at the recording venue at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, 2009 and to stay until recording has concluded, and a general knowledge of the song and its lyrics in advance.

Where will the Resistance Choir be recorded?
We have reserved space at the Sacred Paths Center which is located at 777 Raymond Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here is a Google Maps link to the location. The Sacred Paths Center is located near the I-94/Hwy 280 interchange, and on the 16 and 50 Metro Transit bus lines. Ample parking is available across the street from the venue and on the street nearby. If you need a ride or a carpool, please contact Beth or Dave via email or phone. We WILL begin recording at 7 p.m. promptly, so please be on time! Recording will probably take about 2-3 hours, and further activities will follow (more about those further down the page).

How can I learn the song in advance?
Lyrics for "The Golden Age" can be found here. A scratch MP3 recording containing the melody can be found here. The Resistance Choir's part is the last two choruses of the song (the a capella/no instruments chorus, and the final chorus that follows it). Please download and listen to the MP3 at least a few times before you show up! You may also want to print your own copy of the lyrics to bring with you to the recording session.

What's in it for me?
We have a few small perks that we can offer to Resistance Choir participants. First, all members of the Resistance Choir will be credited by name in the liner notes of Apocalypse Blues. Second, when Apocalypse Blues is released on July 3, 2009, Resistance Choir participants will receive a $5 discount on the price of the album (meaning it costs you only $5 at a show or in person from Beth!). Third, immediately following the recording session is completed, Resistance Choir participants and Resistance Choir participants ONLY will be favored with a private acoustic show from Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters. Expect a fun, relaxed show with plenty of time for requests, and maybe a music circle to follow!

Is there anything else I can do to help?
Of course! If you are photographically inclined, please bring your camera to take photos of the session. If you provide us with any photos taken during the day, they may turn up in the album booklet for Apocalypse Blues! (Of course, it's totally optional to give us the right to use your photos that way, and you will be properly credited for your work as well.)

I have a question you didn't answer here.
Please send me an email and I'll make sure you learn the answer promptly.

Bring your friends on Saturday, too!
We need the biggest choir we can get.

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