with the patience of a continent
I trace the prehistoric day
when the unity of our bodies
nestled shoreline into bay
ocean fills the empty spaces
like the whisper of a ghost
all my harbors now are haunted
by the memory of your coast

but I know you're creeping towards me
even as I'm drifting off alone
while the echo of our passion
shakes the foundations of my home
I don't know if I can trust you
with tomorrow or yesterday
but eventually you will follow me
every time that I run away

this inexorable longing
pulls me back to where you are
though the pressure of our joining
raises mountains like a scar
but nothing can slow down this motion
nothing brings it to a halt
& this crevice now between us
is just someone else's fault


so I don't know what will happen
if we collide after all
when we meet, we tend to break dishes
& knock pictures off the walls
I lost you in the distant violence
of tectonic, seismic years
now I get you back by inches
but what will I do when you're here?


(repeat 1st verse)

Pangaea is of course the original "supercontinent" from which all the modern continents broke off & drifted away.
It was a recurring image in a roleplaying game I participated in and it struck me as a good metaphor for a dysfunctional relationship (as so many things do).
I spent an entire night with the lyrics running through my head, got up in the morning and wrote them down...
I don't like the music so much but I am proud of these lyrics. Even the bad pun in the 2nd verse.