One Track Mind

I said you don't know the kind of care I lavished on your head
or how many times I prayed for you & wished that you were dead
for all the nights I passed in longing towards your crooked face
you tarnished all my silver souls & took up all my space
with anger

tell me what a page of you will someday be worth
but you cannot pay back the time I wasted on your earth
bells ring in the harbor & the waves are never new
my ocean's full of streetcars but I keep swimming back to you
& your lines

holding off we held it in
the world's your stage & it's no sin
to break commandments as you please
bring my defiance to your knees
so take your time, your one track mind
get drunk on pain until you see
that all you ever think about is anything but me

gnawing on my bitter bones, this tree you try to shake
your eloquent belittlement is more than I can take
shrinking from your noonday heat, I'm drowning in your shame
marked with fading purple fires, you stake me as your claim
your acres


you said you'd take me driving for a long time very far
if you had a license, if I only had a car
what I think is something that you never could explain
if I only had some courage, if you only had a brain
we were rainbow connected looking for the mother lode
gold plated tin stumbling down dividing yellow brick roads


all you ever think about...

Written: Fall 1999, age 17.
You can tell I had just discovered Ani Difranco when I wrote this song.
I used to play it everywhere, but I've kind of moved beyond it now.
I have come SO far since I wrote it...both as a musician and as a person.
But it's good to look back and remember how I got here.