News From 2009

9/30: My new original song "Stand" has been posted in the Music section and at the Babylon 5 Love Month community on Livejournal.

9/21: My new original song "Mary Sue" has been posted in the Music section and on

7/6: Big news today: Apocalypse Blues is now available for purchase! To pique your interest, the song "Blue Horizon" is now available for free download; four others are available for streaming on my Myspace page. More shows will soon be booked to promote this album; watch this space for details.

5/4: Sorry for the long lack of updates - I've been busy with shows and Apocalypse Blues, which will be released on July 3, 2009 at CONvergence 2009. The list of upcoming shows has been updated, as has information about how you can contribute to Apocalypse Blues by becoming a part of the Resistance Choir!

1/13: My new original song "Vash's Song" has been posted in the Music section. Also, please see this page for information on my band's exciting room party at MarsCon 2009!

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