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Latest News

7/1: Beth's baby, William Blake Zawadzki, was born on February 17. He is totally awesome and very time-consuming. Nevertheless, the Player Characters are still finding time to compose music for the upcoming Fringe Festival show "Paved With Good Intentions," and to play a few shows here and there. More new stuff coming soon!

1/6: Sorry I didn't announce this here sooner: Winter Is Coming, Apocalypse Blues, and More Songs About Robots & Death are now available for purchase as a digital download at our new Bandcamp site. All Of My Heroes Are Villains is coming soon to Bandcamp, as are a few tracks that have never been released digitally before. Watch this space for details! Against our better judgment, we've also decided to host our Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub room party at MarsCon 2012 this year; click this link to learn more about the party and how you can help it to continue its successful run with your money and/or your time.

11/10: The list of upcoming shows has been updated. We're also very close to releasing our new EP, Winter Is Coming; please continue to watch this space for information on how you can buy it.

Upcoming Shows

Sunday, July 8: Convergence 2012, Bloomington MN
Electric show in Harmonic Convergence at 12:30 p.m. Also stop by HarmCon at 1 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning to hear Beth perform a few songs as part of the Feng Shui Ninjas' "Puppet Show and Friends" set!

Please email Beth if you'd like to offer us any other shows. We love playing live as much as possible.

Old News

9/26: Updates to the list of upcoming shows and some new lyrics for you to enjoy.

8/30: My new original song "Beyond the Rim" has been posted in the Music section. Also, the Player Characters have recently returned to the studio to record a 5-song EP including the Fool's Trilogy and some other new material; look for it as a primarily digital release in November 2011.

8/1: Beth is expecting her first child in February 2012. Hopefully this provides some explanation of why things have been so sparse around here lately. This is NOT the end of music for the Player Characters and we hope to have some demos up for you to hear soon, as well as a digital-only release of the Fool's Trilogy by November. In the meantime, you can hear our music featured in the Minnesota Fringe Festival production "Dancing with Death" which runs from August 4-13 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. The list of upcoming shows has also been updated. Expect a baby-related hiatus from live performance and recording starting after Windycon, and a triumphant return at or around MarsCon 2012!

4/28: The list of upcoming shows has once again been updated. Demos of more new stuff are coming someday.

4/13: The list of upcoming shows has been updated with many new opportunities to hear us play!

1/29: My new original song "Amber" has been posted in the Music section. Also, our Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub room party at MarsCon has received 10 out of the 20 donations that are our goal, with just over a month to go before the con! If you haven't yet donated and you can afford to do so, please consider doing so. Check out the party's informational page to learn how you can help!

1/13: Happy 2011! I have once again been distinctly crappy at updating this page and will strive to do better. For now, I have a lot of exciting news to share with you, including the following:

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