Apocalypse Blues II: keeper

so I held tighter as I felt it vanishing
fooled more than once, I won't be betrayed twice
so we'll go round again still trying to pretend
questioning who has made the best sacrifice

lie on the altar now, something needs slaughtering
same as it's always been here since you came
you'll never justify but then neither will I
I have done things to you that don't have a name

so shame me & punish me, I can't be what you need
call for your headsman, she's bound to obey
& curse this failed keeper of all broken promises
but no one can steal what is given away

he came down to me all wrapped up in glory days
all too aware of the blood on his hands
so now sometimes he'll be warned by the ghost of me
holding a mirror up to his own demands


& I want you, I want you
I want to be shown
that there's something worth saving in what remains
want to be heeded & want to be needed
& sometimes to secretly turn & run away
I have been jealous & I have been hateful
& I laid low my brother with a rock in my fist
but you'll be surprised to see your greatest sin of all
is to think you're anything other than this

justice is served by the law stacked against me
erred more than once, can't be forgiven twice
but as I die I know, you with so far to go
you've just as surely lost your own paradise


I have done things to you that don't have a name

Nobody sets out trying to be the villain.