the ice was thin where I first met you
my fears closing in all around
ensuring I could not forget you
saying don't let go or you will drown

the air is thin here on this mountain
the snow falls silent on the ground
I curse the state you have been found in
I have let go & you have drowned

I need you, I need you
I need to freeze this rage in my head
& before I go I need you to know
I meant what he said
I meant what he said

the ice is thin, the air is frozen
an empty skull will be my crown
I walked a road I'd never chosen
when I let go & watched you drown

now here I lie with both eyes open
not too much farther left to fall
should I forget or keep on hoping?
just take it all, just take it all


but it's too late, the door is open
only sadness on the other side
here I'm standing on the threshold
knowing what I've done is never justified
in between is where I must stay
even as I die, even as I freeze
never gonna come out of this tailspin
til you're coming back, I ask you please