Good Intentions

one morning, one meeting
took all your solitude away
no warning, no greeting
they just appeared & said they'd stay
they wrecked your car, messed with your head
ate all your food, slept in your bed
but if you kicked them out you might as well be dead

bad dinners & bar fights
Neanderthals & combat zones
no winners, no last rites
even your mind is not your own
the church will talk & disapprove
the suits will watch your every move
while you keep living like you've got something to prove

bt now there's too many dreamers shot down too soon
& too many people in the same few rooms
not enough understood to keep you safe
not enough time you can afford to waste
so now you're searching for answers to your imperfections
chasing the whisper of a missed connection
while you're standing there beside your good intentions
they lead you forward, lead the way

your father, your mother
will not return to rescue you
don't bother, no other
will ever get the best of you
cause they want your body, not your soul
your parts worth more than any whole
so how much longer til you lose all self-control?

one night stands & bad trips
& loves that dare not speak their name
foolish plans, tender lips
somehow your emptiness remains
cause you live alone, you live in space
& no army in someone's briefcase
could give you power enough to make you less displaced


so take on the world like this is all a video game
not even human but you will still bleed the same
you'll sing & dance but it can't chase your past away
spurred on to save them all to try another day
but they'll shy from your altars as you stand above the crowd
so take that leap of faith & build your wings on the way down
the earth may shake, you may fall down blind again
but when it all amounts to nothing you can count on your friends

to believe you, we won't tell
though others claim to know it all
then leave you in your hell
with the ghosts that wander through your walls
cause you've yeared for what you've now discerned
no bridge unburned where we're concerned
we'll drive you crazy but where else could you have turned?


Okay, I hope you can still enjoy this song without an explanation, because if I try we'll be here all day.
That's okay, you like a good mystery...right?