I said I don't mean to call you Judas
or reveal who you betrayed
but thirty pieces of silver
buys you a damn nice suit these days
you glare at me from across the table
but I think I'm gonna stay
even when "get the hell out of my world"
is all that your eyes have to say

& all the while I'll stay all smiles
& crocodile tears
an aesthetic anesthetic
as elastic as your peers
well maybe someday we'll be more
than the weapons that we choose
but til then I'll sit & smolder at the end of this

you read my words so hatefully
as if you don't understand
that the same green force that drives your pen
is right here in my hand
so keep on trying to cut me down
in any way that you can
cause when it goes to press I'll still be here
& you'll still be no kind of man


but then it hit me & I saw
that despite your vaunted fame
you never laugh, you never smile
like none of this is a game
now I got friends & they got my back
tell me, can you say the same?
so I'd rather be happy little boring me
than a void behind a name

but no longer will I stay all smiles
& crocodile tears
cause that aesthetic anesthetic
has been numbing me for years
now maybe someday you will see
you comprise what you refuse
& on that day all these words will come together &


I used to write poetry. I don't anymore. People like the pompous assholes who star in this song are pretty much the only reason for that.
I'm sure that people in the music world will turn out to be just as pompous but I have yet to encounter those people - thank GOD.
And oh well, at least I got a good song out of it...