The Hand Of Friendship

the shackles at my hands & feet
were given to me at birth
but for a while I still could hide
in the hills of my green earth
no key in sight ever since the day
they came for everyone
so I flew with my father's words in my ear
"please take care of my son"

do you think it was my choice
to hunt you like I do?
do you think it was my choice
to want her like I do?
but now I'm given one last chance
to prove myself to you
the hand of friendship reaches out
I know what I must do

now you must think it's just for spite
that I still soldier on
to steal your life, to steal your love
to ruin you & get gone
but for the first time I understand
that I am in control
& the one that you're trapping inside your arms
was born to make me whole


my secrets have been torn from me
projected on a screen
& now I can no longer tell
what my high ideals might mean
you'll curse my name & swear revenge when
you realize what I've done
but please do me a favor & let him know
I'm caring for his son