out of the darkness
I crawled on all fours
fighting for purchase
on sanity's shores
capable of anything
before the hate ceased
I have scraped, I have struggled
for this semblance of peace

out of oppression
you made your last stand
only to stumble
into evil hands
so incomprehensible
yet so clear to me
when I looked closer for what
no one bothered to see

so shed some light on me inside of me
& lay down your burden
you want to heal me but you're the one hurting
you're beside of me in spite of me
I won't fear anymore
now you have seen what I am at my core

some people praise me
a bright paragon
always believing
I'd never be wrong
staggering beneath the weight
an undeserved crown
like a saint or a martyr
in a blue silken gown

sometimes I wonder
just when this disguise
turned so transparent
in front of your eyes
there I was in front of you
in black white & grey
& the thing that amazed me
is you didn't turn away


come what may come
I'll keep this vow
don't lose me now
don't lose me now
no need to stutter
no need to hide
I'm on your side
I'm on your side

(chorus 2x)