Christmas EP 2006

Last year's Christmas EP went over pretty well with my family, so I figured I'd repeat myself and do the same thing again this year (but with different songs, of course). Unfortunately, I ran out of time to provide you with anything extra this year (maybe in 2007 I'll write and record "Santa Was A Time Lord", which was my original plan), but I hope you enjoy this year's offerings anyway.. - Beth

  1. The Little Drummer Boy - Davis/Onorati/Simone
    (voice, acoustic guitar, dumbek, bongos, tambourine, shaker)

  2. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Traditional
    (voice, electric guitar, bass, dumbek, tambourine, hand claps)

  3. Silent Night - Mohr/Gruber (song removed on account of badness)
    (voice, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, keyboards)