Blue Horizon

well good morning sleepy head
no lover in your narrow bed
could keep you under covers
for a moment more than this
down the stairs, into the shower
don't you waste another hour
grab your coffee in your haste
a shot of vodka but no kiss
now you're off & you're running with no time for this dispute
falling away into your life without a parachute

but you say
"there's a crazy cloud up in that sky
& there's a blue horizon in my eye
with every step I take it slides out of my grasp
I'm reaching forward with one foot stuck in the past
but I'm fighting, I'm calling, I'm jumping, I'm stalling
I'm gonna keep running, gonna keep free falling
til I learn how to fly"

so you hit the streets without a warning
armor on to last the morning
"nothing here can harm her"
say these clowns you call your friends
but the grace you are receiving
can't remain until the evening
when despite what you proclaim
you're alone when the movie ends
cause you're running away from what might be if you held on
falling apart at the seams without a seatbelt on


now close your eyes & count to twenty
you're young & dumb & always ready
out there in the trenches of your hidden war
color smeared across your body
they all look at you so oddly
& you just smile & say "that's what they pay me for"
but somewhere somehow things got twisted
they called your cue but then you missed it
is that sky or ground you're rushing up to meet?
now what they see is just an outline
ignorant beyond your disguise
hollow & haunted by the ghost of me

you lie awake & contemplate
implore me but I hesitate
I might relate if I could be
more than a secret you must keep
but you jumped so long ago
that now it seems you're on your own
was I a nightmare or a dream?
well, now you can't go back to sleep
so you keep running toward a future you can't forget
tumbling, falling down without a safety net


so you trip & you stumble down the same old route
such a shame you'll never know I was your parachute

Love you, Maggie.