Be More

here upon this ship of fools
where rules are bent & minds abused
I choose to make my own release
& cease to wonder why
new knowledge comes, a silent scream
between blue sky & shifting ground
this sound that sunders galaxies
& forces me to fly

so mission control won't you lend me a hand?
there's nothing but static & I'm making my stand
I'll show you there's a darker side to this American's dream
but if I give it up you'll never know the wonders I've seen
the day is coming when I'm gonna have to choose
it's gonna be heads you win, gonna be tails I lose
& you can't tell me if you'll follow when I open the door
but what would it change if I told you you can be more?

here inside my fucked up head
I'm dead & gone & born again
pretending not to hear his voice
the choice is made for me
the consequence is all too clear
the fear is strong, the threat is real
revealing why I must go on
& what I need to be


here's the place where I was born
so scorned, forgotten by the rest
the test will be what will they say
the day this truth portends
the tunnel winds, the tale unfolds
the road goes on or so I'm told
so children open up your minds
get ready for the end