I am still your child
though born in between
hewn out of your hope
built from your dreams
how can I become
what you want of me
with my heart as a slave
to the rioting sea?

so I left my home
swore not to turn back
to plenty untold
first taste the lack
through tide after tide
the whitecaps, the gale
what was sunken, denied
raises up its own sail

but no one I’ve ever known had their own say
waiting on water to show them the way
& all that I feel is rage
grown too large for the cage
of the other side in-
side of me (x4)

now wrapped in the past
my end has begun
an insect in amber
struggling & stunned
but is this a shroud
or my chrysalis
force my way through the cracks
my metamorphosis

cause what did you really think this was about?
your blood’s in me & I can’t get it out
but I’m greater than this pain
so I’ll rise up again
as the waves break truth all
over me (x4)

I know I can’t change
what’s happened to me
it’s what I have been
not who I’ll be
so lay yourself bare
right here at the start
of a future that’s more
than the sum of its parts

come down to the crossroads & see it now clear
we can go anywhere starting from here
so take it in, rearrange
ready to be the change
MEMORY (x12)

Part 2: There is still some hope in the world after all.