(Can't We All Just) Get Alone

going to the movies
watching what I please
sitting in the fifth row
my own popcorn at my knees
while you watch the TV
alone on Friday night
bet you're feeling bitter
but I'm doing alright

once you had my heart
clasped tight in your hands
no time for my friends
I already had plans
now that I'm on my own
alone in a crowd
I drive home in silence
but wonder out loud

can't we all just spend some time with ourselves?
can't we all unplug the phone?
it could teach you a thing or two
so can't we all just get alone

once I had callers
knocking on the door
their silhouette's gone now
leaving shadows on the floor
once my phone kept ringing
across miles & years
now the only ringing
is the one in my ears


I never knew how cruel other people could be
until they left me bored at home
I never knew how great other people could be
til I had to spend time on my own

going out Friday
with a friend back in town
hearing your laughter
as the crowd turns around
avoiding the lobby
sneaking out to the car
wondering what I'm doing
wondering where you are

cause I don't like to show it
but I need human touch still
but that never concerned you
so do what you will


Written: Summer 1999, age 17.
A song about being desperately lonely & wishing everyone else would be as miserable,
while also wanting to end the loneliness by being with someone you know is wrong for you.
(Yeah, real relatable, I know...)