Across The Water

child, be you wolf or pup
this is the way that growing up is done
it isn't right, it isn't fair
to lose the ones who really care so young
bent over by your needlepoint
the future grips you by the joint
you never thought your strength could feel so small
your life will never be the same
so cut your hair & change your name
it's only a name, after all

so I'll see you across the water
still the one & still my daughter
still you grow
& your list is getting shorter
& it's you who gave the order for you know
all men must die

little boy or so they think
you brought yourself right to the brink & held
they thought they had you in their sway
but never understood the way you felt
so use your courage, use your mind
& every thing your wits can find
will serve you when your back's against the wall
what you have lost can't be replaced
so hide your story, hide your face
it's only a face, after all


little girl, don't lose your head
it's just the way that being dead should feel
the vengeance that you swear you're due
is not the only death that you will deal
the face of every boy & girl
is just a lie they tell the world
as false as all the names by which you're called
so let me reach you through the strife
& teach you to lay down your life
it's only a life, after all

(chorus 2x)

& when we meet the god of death
we'll say it til our final breath (not today)

A song for a little girl named Arya, whose life's goal was to kill a whole bunch of people.