so I find myself as your protege
in the shadows underground
keep me buried here for another year
but you'll never knock me down
you seduced my mind with the strangest thoughts
but never danced a step
& there is no tree now, not for you & me now
only what happens next

take away the mask there used to be a man beneath it somewhere
take away the man but the idea will remain
even so I wonder who I would have seen there under it
if I'd dared to ask your name
take away my life but don't you ask for my forgiveness my love
take it inch by inch but there's still something you can't kill
in this bleak November must you ask if I'll remember you
when you know you know I will

maybe you were right, maybe I was lost
& I've always been afraid
now I see like you but I can't stay true
to the monster that they made
cause you broke my will til I was reborn
as something I am not
& I see no reason why your act of treason
should ever be forgot


what changed my mind drove me away
if you're looking for the guilty drop the mask & check the mirror
yes I came back, no I can't stay
but I've seen your face in everyone cause there's one thing I still fear
there's a world out there but something tells me
we won't get a second chance
cause there's a war in here that's yours for the fighting
what we have is this kiss so may I have this dance?

so I find myself by your side again
no time now for what we were
nothing I can say could force you to stay
but it's less than you deserve
so I'll lay you down, you will rest at last
with roses at your head
I go on undaunted knowing what I wanted
is never truly dead


A song inspired by the movie and graphic novel "V For Vendetta."
It needs a better title - do you have one?